Monday, May 2, 2011

USA Victory- Good always Triumphs over Evil

A lot has been going on starting last night and leaking into this morning. The evil Osama Bin Laden has been vanquished bringing about a sweet vengeance that Americans have waited 10 years to experience. Last night I was busy getting my Glee on whenever my Grandmama called me with the news. Immediately we paused Rachel Berry in the midst of epic solo-dom and turned on Fox. Everyone was a buzz about Bin Laden's death and the President told the world that he's been busy working on this operation for a while now. My family celebrated by making a cherry crisp pie and my bestie at the Naval Academy partied with the Seals in a campus wide celebration. Everyone was happy about the glorious defeat of the boss.

With all that being said, I leave you with this to ponder. It took us 10 years to finally initiate a fresh helping of payback, but we did. I've talked about this before in the form of diligence and persistence. A lot can be illustrated from the events of the past week and put into the conforms of our own lives. Let me explain, you see:

Good will always triumph over evil.

No dark force is unbeatable and no wrong can trump right. In the end, the purity of good will expose the darkness of evil. Even if the rest of the world has given up on the fight, there will always be those people who plan on keeping their post until the end. It is through them that we find success. Many people can say that is what happened during our time fighting Bin Laden. Although many of us gave up on the drawn out fight overseas, many brave men and women decided they simply wouldn't let evil win.

LOTR Reference:
If an elf, a dwarf, a human and a wizard had given up on fighting against the power of the ring in the midst of the eye of Mordor, would they ever have gotten a couple of hobbits to Mount Doom?

So who are you going to be? Will you be the kind of person who simply stops fighting whenever you grow tired or wil you keep the post? We will be fighting a spiritual battle against sin and satan for our entire lives. We do not have to sin. We have a choice every time we are tempted to choose darkness or light, good or evil. And you may be battling a specific sin or challenge and yes it may feel like a 10 year tour searching for Bin Laden overseas, but look what happens whenever you don't back down! Victory is sweet, there's light at the end of this tunnel and God's not going anywhere. So if you already know good triumphs over evil, why give up?

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