Monday, January 24, 2011

Lego Lives

Last night I kept having dreams that I was a computer trying to find solutions to problems. The "problems" were lego characters of my friends and family each inside their own individual boxes. I was required to sort them into certain life situations that consisted of file folders on my desktop. I dragged and dropped my friends and family into certain situations trying to make sure they all fell into situations they could handle with equipment to do so.
At one point a Darth Vader lego showed up and sent Stormtroopers into all the files, lasers firing. It was a virus of the sorts and I could do nothing but hope that my friends and family members could defend themselves with the gear and loot I had given them.
As a super computer I had the ability to send in antivirus software (in my dream they were miniature Zeldas) into the files to destroy the clones. After the battle was won and the clones defeated, I became a lego myself and had to defeat the boss (Lord Vader) twice. Eventually I won and my friends and family came to celebrate with me in the screensaver of the Shire.
I immediately summoned a mage to come in and restore their health. Victory was ours!

When I woke up this morning I thought to self... that's kind of like what God does for us. He never puts us in situations that we can not handle with His help and He gives us the tools we need to defeat all of our enemies. Our job is to make sure we are leveling up. We need to be constantly seeking Him and trying to build up our defenses with His tools (the Bible, prayer, etc.) In the end He will defeat the boss.