Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting Punched in the Face

Sometimes I just want to punch someone in the face. Not literally, but I like to bring my fist as close as I can to their cheek and then stop. Do you know why I like to do this? Because I love peoples reactions. In a normal, everyday setting, most people do not have to worry about getting punched in the face. That's why everyones reactions are always so priceless. I do this a lot specially to my youth kids. We will be at church playing a game and I will turn to one of them and pretend I'm going to upper cut them in the stomach. They usually flinch using their arms and legs to shield themselves and then laugh at me because I'm such a goober. Pretend fighting like this is a lot of fun :D Please don't think I'm a weirdo.

So why do I tell you this?
Sometimes we do things just to see peoples reactions. In fact we do that all the time don't we? We trick people all in good fun. We start arguments or say things to get under peoples skin (I have someone in my life in particular who can just really get under my skin and they know it so they do). Sometimes its positive when we do things like plan surprises to get shocked reactions or profess our love to get stunned reactions. Every thing we do is a constant chain of cause and effect relationship. We act one way and it causes someone else to react a different way. A chain reaction!

And yet other times we react one way and everyone else reacts in that same way. Like at youth wednesday night when everyone was getting loud, socializing before the game. I clapped my hands in an uncomplicated pattern like teachers do in Elementary school and everyone started coping my pattern of clapping. I could hardly believe it. Here were 20 teenagers talking and laughing with their friends and as soon as I started clapping they all joined in like an intense family unit of clappers!

So what are we doing in our lives to get reactions out of people? Are they positive or negative? If we live a life that leads and loves, chances are people will react differently around us then they do everyone else. Ever notice how a friend will stop cussing whenever certain people come around or even when you come around because you don't cuss? Or how people immediately become threatened and put their guard up whenever a mean face is in the room. I think we have more power to persuade then what we realize. So what kind of reactions are you causing?

Just something to think about.
That is all.

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