Monday, April 4, 2011

Do you want a taco?

Sometimes I literally feel like a taco. Now stay with me on this because I will explain why that is so.

Today I was driving home from doing an observation at an Elementary school and I spotted across the street the glorious 8O% beef establishment from heaven known as TBell.

My stomach told me it was ready for a chalupa so naturally I cut 5 people off and crossed 8 lanes of traffic so that I could reach my destination in a timely manner (exaggeration).

After receiving my indulgence I returned to my normal route on the hwy and began to munch on happiness. It was only then that I realized what a bad idea it is to Taco and Drive.
Needless to say the tomatoes, cheese, 8O% beef and other began falling out of the ridiculously crunchy shell and all over my car/seat/self.

I yelled "Cruse you TBELL!" and began to brew up a fresh pot of angst toward my favorite fast food kingdom. That's when I realized that it wasn't TBell's fault that I was now wearing my chalupa as a sundress, it was my fault.

You see, I took a precious gift from TBell and I ate it wrong resulting in a catastrophic event.
How many times do we take what God has given us, use it incorrectly, and create a mess?
God gives us our talents and our livelihood and sometimes we don't use them the way He intended.

If God gave us the gifts of music and we aren't playing for Him, what good does our talent do? Everyone has an ear for sloppy music (taco music). But that was just one example.
So next time your thinking about all God has done for you, imagine this. What does my gift/life from God look like? Is it being used in a way that it was supposed to or is it in pieces all over JoAnna's car?


  1. Haha thats awesome JoAnna thanks for that today has been a pretty awesome day and am all ears for anything thats the word of god. I was preaching for 3 hours today to my mom and Nick the fosterkid living with our family and it was some great stuff using messages from our few weeks of the home series from sunday services. Thanks for this bit of message and have an awesome day. TTYL and see you at youth group <3

  2. Jon you are so awesome! Im so happy you read this. It's just a bit of mind fluff but it's Godly mind fluff :D Can't wait for tomorrow! See you then!