Monday, May 9, 2011

Who you are

Today I went on an RWJ (Run with Jesus) and we talked about some stuff.

You know, God uses us to our fullest. He uses every single thing about us to show the world something about Himself if we let Him. There are things about us that we don't like. There are things we try to hide and do hide for fear of how the world would respond. I'm not talking about what the world would think. I mean literally how they would respond to everything about us. What would peoples reactions be if

They found out I like this...
They found out I still do this...
They found out my life isn't this...
They found out my secret this...
They found out that I think I'm this or that or whatever the possibilities are endless. And I'm not talking about sin here either. I'm talking about what makes us us.

Do we not realize that God planned out everything we are for His purpose? Everything that we think is not right or stupid, He plans to use.

God made you the way you are so you can reach specific people or a certain person in your lifetime. Looks can be intimidating and He planned every curvature of your face so that you could fulfill His purpose. God has who you will affect with your life planned so intricately He modeled it into our bones and skin. This means there's a reason your nose looks that way and there's a reason your hair is that color and there's a reason your skin is that color and a reason your that height and a reason your that age...

And you might think some of the stuff you like to do is dumb and what you look like and who you are is wrong or awkward and that others won't respond well to it. But think about all the people you can reach because of those attributes. Think of all the people you can reach if you embrace who God has made you and start asking Him how He can use you instead of asking Him how He can change you so that you fit the model of who you think your supposed to be. Let me tell you right now, God doesn't make mistakes so stop asking why did you do this Lord and start asking how can You use this Lord.

If you play sports be the only person not harassing other teams.
If you play video games, be the only person not cussing on vent.
If you model for some random clothing company, be the only person not practically naked.
If you rock at science be the only person advocating for creationism.
Be the only person who looks in the mirror and sees what God sees.
Be the only person who can reach a specific person because of who you are.

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