Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our last day- Farewell Friends

Today was our last day for the summer and my last day for Club 121. It was a sad day for me, looking at all of your smiling faces and knowing that when I left I'd cry the whole way home. Some of you gave me cards and gifts which was so sweet and made me feel special. I am happy to know that I impacted your life in such a way! I wanted to give you a bit of the speech I had prepared for today. Just some last words before I say goodbye.

I'm leaving you today hoping that you can realize what you have here. This is a rare opportunity to go through junior high and high school with a family of warriors fighting the same battle and taking care of each other. Are you going to throw that away? Two years in the making of this club will you let it fall 7th graders? 8th graders will you stick together in high school? You are my family and I can not go with you to the next step on your journey. I wish I could still be around every Friday cheering you on but the time has come for you to leave my nest and spread your wings! I am so proud of each and every one of you! I know that you will continue to let your light shine and show the love of God to everyone you encounter! Stand together my family and keep our legacy going.

God blesses those who do what's right and share his love with everyone. He is very proud of you for even just showing up to club. Continue to make Him proud and to make me proud. When we get to heaven we will all be together forever. The people in our club are apart of your eternal family. How you treat them and the relationship you have with them is very important. When we get to heaven and we are having a club 121 at my mansion, what will we be talking about? Will we be talking about how badly so and so treated whats her name and how good the donuts were or will we be talking about how great it was to have each other through our trails and the impact we made on this world?

What we will be talking about will be up to you. The relationships you have with each person in this club will be up to you. We are a family forever. You can not escape us. So I leave you all with this and I pray you think on these words every time you look at each individual face from our club: Love one another like crazy, forgive like you never held a grudge and when you hold each other, never, ever let go. Form a circle of love, this is your family.

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