Friday, May 14, 2010

Its all in the Name

God has many different names in the Bible that we have been covering in club. Today we talked about why he has so many names and what that means. God's names paint a picture of who he is for us. It is impossible to capture the entire essence of Christ in one name!

Names are important. If names were not important he wouldn't have changed Saul to Paul, Abram to Abraham, Simon to Peter, or Sarai to Sarah. What their names meant, meant a lot to God. He wanted them to be a picture of their name and their name to be a constant reminder of who they should be.

So where does that leave us? God has a special name for each of us, a 'secret name' that will be only between you two someday. But right now we have our earthly names that give us definition. How can we take our name and make it into a constant reminder?

Our challenge today was to research what our name means and then put it as our facebook status. For example mine will say: JoAnna- Hebrew: Gift from God. I will strive to live up to my name.

In class Kylie came up to me and said, "it would be hard to live up to being a boomerang." I laughed and then thought about it on the way home. Boomerangs are awesome because they are always coming back to their master. Kylie can live up to her name by being like a boomerang, and always coming back to God.

So this is our mission! Its called a facebook outreach. Go share Christ love! Even if your name means hill, be a foundation for Christ. Or if your name means Royalty show the Royalty of God! I'm sure when you think about it, God will show you what your name wants you to represent.

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