Friday, April 9, 2010

David from Orange Glo- Trip to Planet Dirt-Tee

Meet David. David lived on the cleanest planet in the universe called Orange Glo. David was asked to go to college on planet Dirt-Tee by King Cleanest. Before leaving his planet, King Cleanest gave him an instruction manual before he left for Dirt-Tee. King Cleanest told him that in the manual were all of the instructions he would ever need to ensure that he stayed clean. He also told David that he should clean other people living on Dirt-Tee so that they could become a citizen of Orange Glo.

So David went to Dirt-Tee. At first he saw the planet for just what it had been named. It was the dirtiest place he’d ever been before. The air was polluted, the people looked unbathed for weeks, the streets were littered and it smelled awful. David moved into his dorm room and kept his instruction manual close to him. He took it everywhere. When David got even the slightest amount of dirt on him, he quickly followed the instructions. At first, he hated living on the planet. Eventually, David had the instructions memorized and he began leaving his manual at home. Day after day the manual sat in his dorm never leaving the table. David began getting comfortable in Dirt-Tee. He couldn’t smell that awful smell anymore, he would get dirty and be too tired or lazy to clean it, and all of his Dirt-Tee friends weren’t clean so why should he be?

Eventually the instruction manual became hidden by pizza boxes, papers, and food, and David was so dirty it was as if he had never lived on Orange Glo.

David’s time on Dirt-Tee had come to an end. A trip to his home planet was scheduled and he left not thinking about how dirty he was or about his instruction manual. When he got there, King Cleanest came to greet him. He saw how dirty David was and the King could not touch him, shake his hand, or stand within 50 feet of him. David realized that he had forgotten his instruction manual and forgotten how to become clean again. Because David was a citizen of Orange Glo, King Cleanest had his son, Prince Brandnew, come out to clean David of all of the dirt. Prince Brandnew was the only person in the universe that could clean anyone. As soon as he was clean, King Cleanest came to hug him and David began to cry because he felt so ashamed.

“Did you bring anyone with you to Orange Glo?” The King asked. “No,” replied David, “It’s too hard, everyone there is happy being dirty.” The King had a crystal tear drop from his eye, “Dirt-Tee is going to end soon. The whole planet will be destroyed; everyone on it who is not cleaned will not be able to come to Orange Glo. Instead they will die. I sent you there so you could save their lives. Where is your instruction manual?”

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