Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I learned on my RWJ

Today I got up and saw that the weather was going to be 78 degrees! So I put on my running shoes and my enormous skull candy headphones and ran out the door to the smooth sounds of Relient K. As I run I usually visual Jesus running next to me wearing a white, Gods awesome t-shirt, blue running shorts, nikes, and a yellow and green sweatband across His forehead. I love running with Jesus.

Jesus is fun to run with because He doesn't get tired so that means you have to keep up with Him. You can even race Him to the top of the Hill and sometimes He lets you win. I'm sure people passing by see me talking to myself and think I'm crazy but it's just because they can't see that I actually running with my best friend.

Anyway, today on my RWJ, Jesus told me something He's been wanting to share with me. We often hear that we need to extend our hands out to help 'the least of these'. But who exactly are theses least people? Often we think of the people suffering in Africa or homeless people. I don't think its too often people think of the rich and powerful as 'the least of these'. But God sees all people who don't know Him in this category. This is because without God we are the 'least', we are nothing.
Reaching out to the rich and powerful can be harder then reaching out to the weak and needy. RP's (rich powerfuls) think they already have the world so why would they need Jesus. The empty hole they feel inside is not fill-able by money and stuff. With that being said, our mission field has just expanded by millions of people.

Think of something you can do with Jesus like an RWJ. Talk to Him about who He wants you to reach out to. It may turn out to be a very different people after all.


  1. So your challenge is too comment in this comment box about what you will be doing for you time with Jesus. If your a runner your aloud to steal mine. Get creative people. The only way to reach out to others is to first reach out to yourself and let God become your BFF.

    So here we go- I JoAnna will be RWJ -ing

  2. These are my favs...

    -Go shopping with Jesus.
    -Have Starbucks with Jesus.
    -Play volleyball with Jesus.

    ...I do a little bit of each! :)