Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Wake Up Call

The worst thing we can do is push God out of a relationship. Any relationship apply's not just with the person you love. God is supposed to be the center of it all. He's supposed to be the center of our entire life and yet often times we push him out more than we pull him in. Why?

Doing things the 'normal' way just feels easier. We start to go about life thinking only of ourselves and we mimic what we see everyone else doing. We treat ourselves and our relationships like the interactions we see on our favorite t.v. shows and we take the path of least resistance. The problem is that it works. . . for awhile.

Recently I have just lost touch with God. I've put my dreams and passions aside and settled for a life of the mundane. I decided to focus on other things and told God to 'wait' until I was done doing earthly things like college, part time job, relationships etc. It just seemed easier to do what everyone else does around me and it seemed o.k.. Than I almost lost the most important thing in my life.

You see, God gave me something that some people spend years dreaming about. It was a perfectly orchestrated blessing that he entrusted me with and told me to carry out in a way that would please Him. He basically said, "If I give you this now will you water it with prayer, put in under the light of my Son and respect it with a higher standard than what the world would?" I said yes and so my blessing began to grow. And than it seemed better to water it with my own words, place it in the coolness of night and lower its standards because I was afraid of failure and rejection. Instead for taking care of this precious gift, I almost destroyed it.

I had a wake up call. A slap in the face was exactly what I needed. A harsh reality kicked in. God was telling me that if He had entrusted me to carry out something this big, that I couldn't not continue to do so without him or it would crumble apart. What was I thinking? We weren't meant to handle things this big on our own. God wants to be the center of it all, which is why He places us in situations we can't possibly handle without His help.

I got back that part of me I almost lost and I have never felt more assured in my life. God moved his blessing back over me and I feel restored to His will. And I thank Him for giving me something stronger than me to show me that I needed to change.

Don't ever take God out of the equation. You may have the blessing but if you don't take care of it you can lose it. It's a choice. And the best part is that if God is in the center you will never have to worry about whether it's right, wrong, if you are missing out or living it out. You'll just continue on His path and all questions will be answered.

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