Monday, June 20, 2011

Six Degrees from Knowing You

We've all heard the phrase 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon. It means that we are separated from each other by 6 people a piece. You can get to anyone in the world through 6 people you know. For example:

Marge has a cousin Fitzgerald whose best friend Lyle is friends with Jared who happens to know Britney in Las Vegas who works with Samwise whose brother is Kevin Beacon. So technically Marge knows Kevin Bacon.

When I was out on a run yesterday I started thinking about all the people I know and all of the people I don't know and would like to meet. There's plenty of people in this world I would love to talk to and shake their hand. I started thinking of random famous people I'd like to talk to and what I would say to them. I had it all planned out for certain Christian celebrities, making up false realities in my head and laughing out loud. Then I thought to myself, I will get to meet them in heaven.

Woooah. So that's when it hit me. Christians are connected by God on the first degree. So if we go back to our example that would mean that Marge knows Kevin Bacon first hand. All Christians are connected by God and will spend forever together in eternity. That is so cool! We are connected and God is the glue that binds us.

As Christians were all here for one common purpose and that is to glorify and serve God, drawing people to him. Whether everyone knows your name or only the people in your house, you have a greater purpose that units us all.

Just something to think about. I have lots of people I will probably never meet here on Earth that I will love to thank in heaven for their examples they lead while we were here. I'm connected to them by their faith and they are connected to me. Same goes for you. That just shows the vastness and the power of Gods family. Pretty sweet.

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  1. FYI: I've met Kevin Bacon, but it is much more important that I've met God's Son. - Karen